Cosmetic Clinic Cosmos

When creating the project for the clinic, our task was to go beyond the standard approach and accommodate a significant number of functional rooms in a small space (60m2)

  • 3 procedure rooms, 2 of which are transformable: when the glass partition is shifted (which folds ergonomically "like a book" flush with the array of built-in furniture in the rooms), they merge into 1 room to conduct educational seminars.
  • Buffer zone at the entrance,
  • Wardrobe,
  • Reception area,
  • Soft waiting area,
  • Visitor toilet,
  • Shower area,
  • Staff kitchen,
  • Staff toilet,
  • Numerous storage systems also received attention.
All this was possible thanks to the well-thought-out choice of layout solutions and brilliant solutions to ergonomic tasks posed by the client. Everyone involved was satisfied with the result.
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