Project - Kandinsky Apartment 3 in 1

Our task was to move the client from a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in the residential area of Petersburg to a one-bedroom apartment in the new residential complex "Scandi - Club" on Petrogradskaya. To achieve this, we needed to create an extraordinary storage system that would not clutter the space but serve as its decoration. It was also important to conceal the ceiling irregularities, which hid engineering communications, and the entrance door, which was located in the living room according to the layout. We created a unique storage system that, in addition to storing items, featured a deep mezzanine, concealed 2 doors - one entrance door, the other leading to the bathroom, had integrated, hidden handles, and a full-length mirror. The facades were painted with enamel and covered with 2 different finishing coatings - glossy and matte to add dynamics. Due to the broken geometry, the depth of the storage system varied in different modules, allowing this storage system to be used for different purposes and tasks. This project solved several significant challenges at once. We were pleased with the outcome of the project.
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